Bee Breeding on the South Downs in Southern England

We breed honey bees and produce nucs for the hobby beekeeper to BBKA specifications, in our Apiary on the South Downs.
Our breeding program selects calm and quiet bees for easy bee keeping, ideal for the new bee keeper to start this fascinating hobby.
Not only do we offer our customers ongoing assistance after taking their bees home, new bee keepers that have not had any practical experience
with handling bees before, can visit our apiary prior to receiving their bees for some practical experience and even handle their prospective bees
a couple of weeks before taking them home.
We have a lot of Bee clubs in the South East where you can also get help, obtain practical experience and knowledge to help you with this technical hobby.
Although Bees can be bought any time of the year, beginners normally start with new bred colonies from April / May onwards until about September,
but because breeding is dependant on the weather as well as other factors, exact dates cannot always be given for new colonies.

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